Lesson 1: Flexibility

1 Feb

ImageI’d consider myself a pretty flexible person, but this last vacation put that tune to the test.

Detroit to Salt Lake City for a week of skiing with friends. Awesome! It was, but not without its trials and tribulations!

Well, the crux started in DTW with the full body pat down. Continued on to the delay in Denver which gave us 30 hour layover, but we rolled with it and snagged a day on the mountain in Breckenridge. Then, shortly after arriving in Salt Lake City, we managed a sweet 12 hour detour at the local emergency room. (I can’t really complain, seeings as I wasn’t the injured party, but it definitely tested the sleep deprived positive mood.) Then I finally took to the slopes at Snowbird (I link their site just because I find it one of the better examples of a simple resort website, easy nav and fairly comprehensive – federal work made me an easy critic) and rocked 5 days of kick ass skiing. Powder up the wazhoo. I was crushed into a cube and fully enjoyed it. Best skiing in ages (albeit I go but once a year these days). Then  I had a gifted massage where I was reaffirmed in the truth that I’m NOT physically flexible (but I think I worked the mental flex this week), and I’m in route back to Michigan to work on decisiveness and get back to marathon training.

PS: New book love… (finished Tiger’s Wife, lovely folklore/historical fiction combo, and now on to prepper fantasy zombie apocalypse glory)



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