CNY is right around the corner!

7 Feb

Pulled an “America’s First Test Kitchen” night yesterday and had my friend Ashley come by and take on the sous-chef role.

We made a steamed salad eggplant dish out of the New York Times best recipes book, but it’s available here online. The trick is to use the small italian eggplants which you can steam in the microwave in just 6 minutes! This has a VERY quick prep time and is delicious (you don’t have to worry much about the woody eggplant texture with the little guys).

We also made a roasted brussel sprouts dish that I found in our Momofuku recipe book. The whole recipe, along with some delightful photos, is available here. It was a little more time intensive, mostly just slicing the cilantro stems… but then they curl so nicely when fried! I have yet to go to the restaurant, but I’ve heard only great things. Definitely check out the milk bar if you’re in NYC – and read the recipe book. It’s more like a compilation of short stories spotted with recipes along the way.

Lastly, we made the age old classic, scallion pancakes, and a Japanese version of chex-mix (thanks Allison W.). I know these aren’t ‘Chinese’ but who doesn’t like a little nori komi furikake?




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