Things I’ve noticed since 7:34am

22 Feb

1. Its snowing in a wet icy way outside and I’m supposed to get up and run 8 one-mile repeats. My enlightened decisive-side says “no”. I’ll try again Sunday.


View from my window. #icesnowcombo

2. I have an insane amount of cat photos that have collected on my iphone since returning to Michigan. This gem is from the trip to the vet yesterday. And yes, Chiga went to the vet sans cage. 

Vet trip.

Note the open-mouth yowl face.

3. I spend 10% of my day crocheting. I don’t know what has gotten into me. I surely don’t need any more hats, headbands, or scarves, but I can’t seem to stop the madness! In fact, I have crocheted several pieces only to unravel them and try a new pattern. Perhaps this is my SAD coping mechanism.


My wares. #perpetualmotion



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