1 Mar

I’ll cut to the chase, please donate to the strong kids campaign! (If all you needed was that, you can donate online at the YMCA Give page and please list me as the honoree!)

Still need convincing? Or perhaps you find babbling mesmerizing…

Why should you donate? Here’s my reasoning: I spent many a year at Camp Al-Gon-Quian, and they were amazing formative years that completely shaped me as a person. The Ann Arbor YMCA collects donations all year, but during the month of March a few of us volunteer to really amp up the donations for our most prized programs. Mine is definitely YMCA camps, though obviously listening to MPR’s State of Opportunity has got me rooting for pre-school education programs as well. I would really appreciate if you checked out my story on the YMCA site and considered donating to a truly wonderful program. ONE HUNDRED % of the donations go to programs that help kids, whether its Camp Al-Gon-Quian scholarships, after school care scholarships, Ypsilanti youth programs, Youth Volunteer Corps, or other awesome youth sports and health living activities.

Plus, in line with my current sewing/crocheting/cooking binge, all my donators will receive a hand crafted thank-you, probably edible if you are in the Michigan area!

Here are some photos of my years as staff at Camp AGQ… 


i was some sort of bug. i think. (a serious bug!)




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