one step forward, two steps back.

18 Mar

I’m definitely having a rough post-weekend internal tear-down fest. I went to Chicago with friends to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, see an INSANELY GREEN river (weird), and watch some BigTen bball. I had a blast, but over did it on the drinking and not-sleeping. I sacrificed two days of critical peak training (and although I’m def going to run today, it looks horribly windy and snowy out and I have a notion the run will not be feeling so spectacular on the system) and I just did not display the control/self discipline that I’ve been working hard all year to master. Argh. Over indulgence for sure! My punishment, today is already a day of self-inflicted mental whomping about how I need to be a better individual,  every two minutes. And I really have a lot of work to do (which should distract me…). Anyways, I will raise my cup of tea to Prefontaine and the green river, and hope this week improves.

“To do anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”


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