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Boston. Running. Not stopping.

7 May

Boston. Running. Not stopping.

Me, 3 weeks after the Boston Marathon. A personal best of 3:28:21, 6000 places ahead of where I was seeded. I thought I’d train like crazy (which I mostly did), PR (which I did), and quit running for a while. Yeah, right.

New challenge: How many of my family and friends can I get to qualify for Boston 2014? Did a local Burns Park 5k the other day to get me back in the spirit, a race my parents dragged my brother to in his middle school pre-running days… Nothing like seeing folks awake early on a Sunday to enjoy the neighborhood, the springtime, and running. I suppose I can’t stop running for a while.


ace deuce is thriving

14 May

So. BaCK in the hood. Ann arbor hills hood that is. Loverly

Current pursuits:

1)  Planning my future travels. For which I have many ideas and few income resources.

2) Reading. Solar Storms by Linda Hogan. I cried over a glass of wine and the undeniably horrendous treatment of Native American water rights, particularly in Eastern Canada… The Bluest Eye, my first Toni Morrison experience. Under the Banner of Heaven. I love John Krakauer. Into the Wild is an old favorite, but this one was creepy in an eye-opening sort of way. I used to think I wanted to live in Salt Lake City for the snowboarding opportunities, but I had no idea I could also be party to polygamous marriages with really old white men!

3) Study Portuguese. Rosetta Stone. Que bom!


In my re-experiencing of Ann Arbor’s jam spots, I am going to write up a little travel advice on the homegrown heart of my Michigan. 🙂


getting ready = playing in Chicago

18 Sep

So in my never ending trials of preparation i headed to Chicago- the land of big stores that could potentially fulfill my consumeristic pre-travel needs with every quick-dry fabric and thick-soled shoe possible. and i went to visit my brother, Danny.

The train ride was exceptionally fun. I recommend train travel because you can see a lot of pretty greenery and relax and read. It may be the best way to travel. Plus you’re on a freaking train, there are conductors and what not. Sweet.

And in Chicago Danny and I watched a lot of The Wire on his computer, I slept a lot, and our parents came and took us to eat high quality restaurant foodings. (Hackney’s had good burgers, and Medici’s near UC had AMAZING italian subs and salads, plus a lovely ambiant of student/low key buzz. In the course of family conversation (which only occurred 50% of our time together because truly we sat long periods all reading our own section of the newspaper and then even longer explaining to Leah sub-prime loans and the economic mess that has developed, using big words like “hedge-fund”. It is now all perfectly clear) we discussed my soon arriving departure date.

Ahh, the point that my travels are approaching in the next 2 weeks. Well, after asking my brother to borrow his every expensive tent (“Nope”) and then his lovely big backpack (“No, again”), I was sieged with questions such as “Where are you staying your first night?”, “What will the weather be like?”, “Are you going camping or something?”, and best of all “Why are you being so freaking cheap and trying to borrow supplies for a 7 month trip when you should really invest in some gear of your own because you are already spending so much to travel you might as well get it right? Right?” hmmm.

So to the store I go. Dang. Now I have to go shopping, I hate shopping. I’m still convinced I need no ‘travel clothes’, I will rest happily with a large container of sorts and perhaps a pair of shoes. Perhaps.
Oh and the ‘universal packing list’ is crap. Its called the 1 shirt, 1 short, 1 pant and 3 pairs of underwear list. How can you go wrong?

The Dirty Dirty

27 Aug

Here I am.
Back in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Living with my parents. Holler.

But seriously, I have one month to prepare for 7 months of traveling. Hopefully leaving me time to spare so that I can;
(a) mourn the fact that I have left Camp Al-Gon-Quian, my 2nd, or perhaps 1st home, and the spot I’ve spent the last 13 summers of my life/met the best people I’ve ever known – which says a lot for camp people or reflects a bit poorly on my anti-social tendancies and the fact I don’t get out much…
(b) sit on my couch a do nothing. outside of mourning this is fun and relaxing. my parents just got digital cable and I’ve been wanting to watch SVU as well as every episode of Planet Earth.
(c) socialize (though as the first point describes, this will probably take up only a small proportion of my time) with college friends who are rocking the victory lap or are just youngins. this socializing will hopefully include camp people, making it more frequent and fun.
(d) getting together my Peace Corps medical and legal clearance paperwork. this should probably be first on my list. probably.

Oh yeah. I’ll also be reading a lot. Reuniting with the NY times and attempting to conquer Thursday crossword puzzles. Running? ha. And learning how to use the World Wide Web, including this newfangled blog stuff.

All Camp Photo 4th Session
AGQ Banquet 2007