one step forward, two steps back.

18 Mar

I’m definitely having a rough post-weekend internal tear-down fest. I went to Chicago with friends to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, see an INSANELY GREEN river (weird), and watch some BigTen bball. I had a blast, but over did it on the drinking and not-sleeping. I sacrificed two days of critical peak training (and although I’m def going to run today, it looks horribly windy and snowy out and I have a notion the run will not be feeling so spectacular on the system) and I just did not display the control/self discipline that I’ve been working hard all year to master. Argh. Over indulgence for sure! My punishment, today is already a day of self-inflicted mental whomping about how I need to be a better individual,  every two minutes. And I really have a lot of work to do (which should distract me…). Anyways, I will raise my cup of tea to Prefontaine and the green river, and hope this week improves.

“To do anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”


March Updates!

10 Mar

I ran 22 miles yesterday with the PR Fitness group and got my bum kicked, clocking sub 8min/miles at some points! It was extremely hard to walk up and down the staircase afterwards, but the folks were cool and the run felt good, minus the extreme fatigue.

I biked 22 miles today along Huron River Drive. It was in the 50s in Michigan today!

I’ve moved from crocheting to beading. My new goods are along the lines of  “glam friendship bracelets”, whatever that means

And I’ve found my new life theme song: Hopelessly Midwestern. I heard it while at a Mustard’s Retreat concert at the Ark with my dad last night. Awesome sauce.


1 Mar

I’ll cut to the chase, please donate to the strong kids campaign! (If all you needed was that, you can donate online at the YMCA Give page and please list me as the honoree!)

Still need convincing? Or perhaps you find babbling mesmerizing…

Why should you donate? Here’s my reasoning: I spent many a year at Camp Al-Gon-Quian, and they were amazing formative years that completely shaped me as a person. The Ann Arbor YMCA collects donations all year, but during the month of March a few of us volunteer to really amp up the donations for our most prized programs. Mine is definitely YMCA camps, though obviously listening to MPR’s State of Opportunity has got me rooting for pre-school education programs as well. I would really appreciate if you checked out my story on the YMCA site and considered donating to a truly wonderful program. ONE HUNDRED % of the donations go to programs that help kids, whether its Camp Al-Gon-Quian scholarships, after school care scholarships, Ypsilanti youth programs, Youth Volunteer Corps, or other awesome youth sports and health living activities.

Plus, in line with my current sewing/crocheting/cooking binge, all my donators will receive a hand crafted thank-you, probably edible if you are in the Michigan area!

Here are some photos of my years as staff at Camp AGQ… 


i was some sort of bug. i think. (a serious bug!)



Things I’ve noticed since 7:34am

22 Feb

1. Its snowing in a wet icy way outside and I’m supposed to get up and run 8 one-mile repeats. My enlightened decisive-side says “no”. I’ll try again Sunday.


View from my window. #icesnowcombo

2. I have an insane amount of cat photos that have collected on my iphone since returning to Michigan. This gem is from the trip to the vet yesterday. And yes, Chiga went to the vet sans cage. 

Vet trip.

Note the open-mouth yowl face.

3. I spend 10% of my day crocheting. I don’t know what has gotten into me. I surely don’t need any more hats, headbands, or scarves, but I can’t seem to stop the madness! In fact, I have crocheted several pieces only to unravel them and try a new pattern. Perhaps this is my SAD coping mechanism.


My wares. #perpetualmotion



“What good is t…

19 Feb

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”
— John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America “

staying optimistic.

Checking in on a sunny 31 degree day!

18 Feb

I’ve been working on self-improvement for almost a month and a half in 2013 and I thought a little reflection on how I’m doing would be a good idea. It’s hard to focus on goals and self-improvement when there is so much fun stuff going on in life! Here I am, mildly employed, and I still find myself scrapping the barrel for time to get everything done. A check-in is required:

I did yoga 3 times this past week. I think my calves have a hardness level between fluorite and quartz, which is not bad considering I rad 22 miles on Saturday. I finished reading A Song of  Fire and Ice Book 5; it required an intensive 12 hour slogg but I had lots of MSG in my system post Chinese New Year so being horizontal and digesting was a-okay with me. (I also saw Silver Linings Playbook – is the origin of “O.K.” really from the “Old Kinderhook Club”?) I’m now reading Six Easy Pieces, a book capturing a few of the novel examples of renowned physicist Richard Feynman. I’m trying to decide if there is some way I can merge my self-instruction of physics with a month long hike in the woods this spring. Describing nature with math and science definitely seem to be an option…



I also really like the style of explanation and lecture that the MIT professor, Walter Lewin, uses in the videos available on MIT’s open courseware. My brother once told me that you get equally wet if you walk slowly in the rain or quickly in the rain (slowly, you are outside longer but less rain is hitting the front of your body at an angle, and quickly you are outside less time but running ‘into’ more rain and thus getting equally wet). My brother was not entirely right. He was probably also 12 years old when he told me this. Prof. Lewin explains how wet one gets walking in the rain, and makes it simple and interesting, too!

Last thoughts on the check-in front: I’m going to stick to a vegetarian and at-times-vegan diet for the next few weeks. I think it would be an extra cleanse for February and I’d like to pay more attention to putting organic, local, and healthy stuff in my body. I was re-inspired after listening to one of my favorite groups live at the Ark! Elephant Revival‘s song ‘Drop of Water’ always gets me thinking of life on the molecular level…


Happy Year of the Snake (belated)!

13 Feb

Happy Year of the Snake (belated)!

Did my nails for the occasion last weekend. Pork buns. Curry buns. Egg rolls. Hot and sour soup. Sesame eggplant. Roasted brussel sprouts. Onion pancakes. Ginger shrimp. I’m in a multi-day food coma. (And yes, my hand is on book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire, which I then read for 13 hours straight and finished.)